Entry Procedures for Working in Oman

Before contemplating work in Oman you must apply for and obtain an NOC, which is a document that states that neither your Employer who will be sponsoring you, nor the Government of Oman have any issue with you entering the country for work purposes.

There are two types of Visa’s commonly used:

1. An employment Visa for those who wish to take up employment in the country.
2. A Residence only Visa for spouses and family members of an employed person who do not wish to take up work themselves.

It is common for the employer to apply for a residency Visa for an employee before they travel to Oman. Also it is usual that he will have all the paperwork sorted out for you before you arrive and that the employer will also incur any expenses in relation to the same.

When you arrive your employer or their designated representative will meet you at the airport and from there you will go to the Royal Oman Police Station to have your fingerprints taken. The person taking up employment must have their labor clearance certificate and an employment residence Visa and any family members must have a joining family residence Visa also. You will also need a Health Certificate to state you are disease free and in good health.

Within your new job there will most likely be a Public Relations Officer who will sort out all the necessary paperwork for you in relation to your work period in Oman. They will ask you to supply them with your identification documents as well as your educational certificates. All documents must be authenticated by a solicitor or public notary in your own country and also by the foreign office who must verify the authenticity of your solicitor or other person. You will also need to have the documents signed by the Oman embassy.

Many employers will then help you to arrange documentation for your spouse and family members. Here there are two options available:

1. Family Joining Visa: is available for your wife and children under twenty eight years.
2. Family Residence Visa: This can also include other relatives such as elderly parents, brothers or sisters.

The No Objection Certificate

Once this has been authorized a number will be sent to the airport you are flying from and it is only then that you can board the flight. At Muscat airport you can exchange your number at passport control and they will then hand you your Visa. The NOC can only be obtained from Seeb International airport but most hotels can arrange one for you within a week.

If you have sole custody of a child you want to bring with you must have the written consent of the other parent authenticated by a solicitor or if the other parent cannot be found then a divorce decree paper or sole custody paperwork or a death certificate should be accepted instead.

If you are planning to move to Oman for work we advise you to check the latest visa regulations at the Visa Section of Omani Embassy in the country where you currently live.