How to Make Your Job Search Effective

Everything you do in relation to a job search must be methodical, well thought out and highly professional. Always remember that if you want to be employed to do a good job you have to prove a prospective employer that you are prepared to pull out all the stops to achieve your goal. The following are the ten prerequisites that every job seeker needs to have in order before finding the right job.

1. Positive Self-image

You only get one opportunity to meet a perspective new boss for the first time. So always look smart and professional no matter what job you are going for.

2. Go the Extra Mile

Always be prepared to follow-up on every lead you have and never think it is not worth the effort. Just being friendly and enquiring about any possible work can make all the difference. They may not have a job now but your CV will be to hand when they are hiring again.

3. Prepare for an Interview

The last thing you want is to arrive late for your interview, out of breath and unprepared. Always arrive about ten minutes early, if you have not been to the building before do a test run the day before.

4. Network and Attend Job Fairs

You don’t have to wait until you are unemployed to attend a Job Fair, it is always a very useful way of hearing about new developments in your industry, you can also observe staff dress codes and mannerisms, you can talk to people, network and get an overall feeling about different companies.

5. Progress Reports

Always keep a file on every job you apply for either manually or on your computer. You can also keep a list of useful recruitment websites, check these regularly, write down everything about every job you have applied for from where you saw the initial advert to what the Personnel Managers name is.

6. Be Passionate about a Job

It is never wise to apply for a job you are not really interested in, you will not have enough knowledge about it and invariably a lack of passion for a job normally is picked up by an interviewer and it only wastes both your time.

7. Always be Polite

Good manners never go out of fashion and a nice touch is to send a thank you note or email to the company who have interviewed you within 2 days of your meeting.

8. Do Your Homework

Always keep up to date with news in your chosen industry. Never go to an interview without having done a thorough investigation of the company’s history, current position and core markets.

9. Review Your CV

The importance of a well written, up-to-date, informative CV can never be overemphasized. Always keep every detail up to date, check web addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses regularly. It is best to get somebody else to proofread your CV before giving it to any prospective employers.

10. Never Stop Trying

No matter how many refusals you receive or how few interviews you may be getting it really is vitally important to try and keep your spirits up and take every knock back on the chin before getting back up and trying again.