Interview Mistakes not to be Repeated

The number one tip potential employers say is do not offer any personal details that could be controversial during an interview but this is not the only way of ruining your chances, there are many mistakes that interviewees make over and over again.

Five most sure fire ways of ruining your employment chances at an interview:

  • Managers say they had ruled out interview candidates because they dressed inappropriately.
  • Employers are unimpressed when the interviewee gave out about their last boss
  • The next most common mistake is interviewee’s who just didn’t seem interested in the interview process or the potential job.
  • Appearing arrogant or pushing your views forward too vehemently is the next most common mistake.
  • Not asking any relevant or knowledgably questions was the fifth most common fault.

To have the best possible chance of interview success, follow these five golden rules:

1. Be sure to do your background research this really cannot be over emphasized it shows you did your preparation for the interview and that you are genuinely interested in becoming part of the company.

2. If you are asked a question on a topic you know little about don’t try and bluff your way through you will most likely be caught out instead admit you don’t know an awful lot about the subject but give a good explanation of how you plan to rectify this situation.

3. Always keep it at a professional level. Just because the interviewer tries to ease your nerves by cracking a joke or offering you coffee it does not mean you should take off your tie and lean back into the chair. Keep the atmosphere friendly, courteous and professional at all times.

4. Be prepared to answer all the typical interview questions samples. Always have thought of coherent plausible answers to every interview question you can think of.

5. Always keep your personality positive, upbeat and never talk about past problems or things that you were unhappy with in a previous position in an overtly negative way. How you speak about past employers will be an indication to the interviewer as to how you are likely to speak about him in the future.

Some disastrous interviewees have done the following ludicrous things during interviews that should under no circumstances be repeated:

Answering your mobile phone and asking the interviewer to leave the room while you take the call.

Asking the interviewer for a drive home afterwards
The applicant sniffed his armpits on the way into the interview
The interviewee said he was fired from his last job for a fight with his boss.
In the middle of a phone interview the job applicant flushed the toilet.
The interviewee started filing her nail during the interview.