Key Tactics to Ensure a Successful Interview

The importance of being well prepared for an interview and presenting yourself professionally and appropriately at the interview can never be over emphasized. Your application or your networking success has already drawn the employer’s attention towards you so now you just need to convince them that their initial interest was correctly warranted.

Everything you say and do at an interview will be put under a microscope and analyzed and your appearance will be noted so you have to go in there looking professional and determined to convince them that you are what their company has been waiting for and you will fit in well to their establishment.

During the interview be polite and courteous and envisage your interviewer as being a senior colleague within your present role who you must help to move the business forward. See yourself as already being part of their team. If this is how you come across the interviewer will also be thinking that you would fit in well to the organization and that you could become a good asset to the business.

Always have a good store of background research completed. There is nothing worse than an interviewee who knows nothing about the business and it does look rather impolite not to have made some effort to find out about the company as they were interested enough about you to select you for interview.

While doing your homework will endear the interviewer to you this alone will not be enough to guarantee your success as many other potential employees will have read the same articles or websites that you researched. The real key to convincing an employer of your suitability will come from your ability to go that one step further by being able to get under the skin of the organization and being able to show that you understand the values, customs and vision of the company. This is what will really impress them enough to think you are the right person for the job.

Think carefully about how you can emphasize your own skills, achievements and suitability for the job in question while also telling them what they want to hear in terms of matching this to what they want from the person they will choose to carry out the job. Convince them that the more they learn about you the more suitable you become in their eyes.

Your CV will be scrutinized so if there are any potential weak spots in it always come up with explanations to counteract any potential pitfalls in the interviewer’s eyes. Always be prepared to turn negatives into positives and if they ask you what your mistakes have been tell them about things that happened earlier on in your career that you have now learned from and have not repeated since then.

Even if you are not successful at this interview remain calm and composed as this may have been a valuable networking experience that will stand you in good stead for the future.