Why am I not Getting Interviews?

You are putting a lot of time and effort into applying for jobs, you have perfected your CV and covering letter are applying stealthily but somehow never seem to get called for an interview?

Always check that you are not making any of the following common mistakes:

You have not considered enough potential employers

Some people have a tendency to only apply for jobs in well established multi-national companies who are very well marketed. While you may think this will be a very exciting place to work so too are up and coming companies who may not currently have the same market exposure. Smaller companies will not have as many applications and are always a great stepping stone to gaining experience in and may grow with you as you work there.

You didn’t use the application method specified

Sometimes job applicants make the mistake of using the same method of application for every job even though this may not be the one specified by the potential employer. For example if an employer wants you to apply in writing posting your application then do this and don’t send an email. Follow application instructions very carefully.

Your CV is not up to date and relevant for the job you are applying for

You must tailor fit every CV and cover letter to that specific job description and sending out a copy of the same one will leave many job recruiters unimpressed as they can see that no specific input or research has been undertaken. Always use specific examples on your CV by matching your skills to what they are looking for. 

Your Cover-letter isn’t a good Sales pitch

Your cover letter is your opportunity to sell yourself to the potential employer. Is it dynamic? What have you got to put you above the other couple of hundred applicants? Why are your skills more suited to the job than anyone else?

Your CV isn’t Keyword Rich

Many companies today who receive large volumes of CV’s for job applications  are using specialist software to scan the applications for certain key words that they have looked for in the advert. It could be any terms of their choosing e.g. ‘Cisco Certified Network Administrator,’ or ‘Accounts Payable experience.’ So include as many keywords as possible in both your CV and Covering letter.

There are Mistakes on your CV and Cover letter

This can spell the death knell for many job applicants, any typing errors or mistakes in grammatical content show the reader that you have not taken the time and care to produce perfect material. Straight away this shows you in a negative light and if you can’t get it right at this stage what would you actually be like in the job?

The application is addressed to a wrong person

While you can start your covering letter with, ‘To whom it may concern,’ it is always so much more professional and endears an employer to you if you have managed to get their name and title correct. While this may not be specified on the Job Advert and often isn’t do everything within your power to find out this information. Call the company and ask the receptionist, explain your situation more often than not you will get the information you require.

Try to have an inside Contact

If you know anyone in the organization then by all means use this contact name on your covering letter. This is where Networking comes in and having a name to use really does out your application to the top of the pile.

You don’t follow up on every Job Application

It is surprising how many people never pick up the phone and follow up on jobs they have applied for. Employers generally say that job applicants should follow up on their application within two weeks of submitting it. In many instances just a brief phone call reminding them about you or a quick email can get you an interview.

Your skills might not match the job requirements

Always compare your skills and experience with what is listed on the Job Advert. If it calls for six years experience in a certain field and you only have three you may be less qualified than the other applicants. While you may still be called for interview bear in mind that you will probably be up against others who do have more experience.