Why Don’t I Hear Back from my Job Applications?

It is hard when you have gone to all the trouble of applying for a job, leveraging your CV to their requirements, writing a brilliant sales pitch type covering letter and then three weeks later you have not even had a reply to thank you for your trouble.

Unfortunately this is a common occurrence in today’s job market. Unless you are called for interview many employers say they simply do not have the staff available to send out four hundred and ninety five rejection letters to those applicants who they did not call for interview.
While this may seem very discourteous or unfair it will remain a common occurrence for some time to come in today’s jobs market. Of course there is nothing to stop you from dropping an email or making a phone call to this company and politely enquiring if the job has been filled or if interviews are still to be held? Once you explain your dilemma in a polite and friendly manner most people will let you know one way or the other.

Any potential employer will tell you that in today’s climate if you advertise a job you will get hundreds of applications and it will take somebody many hours to plough through them all and find a couple CV’s that closely match what the employer is looking for. Potential employers say that the most annoying aspect of receiving so many applications is the amount of applicants that are clearly in no way suitable for the job they have advertised. It is very frustrating for an employer to have to sift through hundreds of CV’s from people who obviously didn’t take the time to write a personalized reply instead they just sent in the same CV and cover letter that they obviously sent to another fifty employers. This does not impress the reader and they say it shows a lack of interest as these applicants are probably applying for every job that comes across their path.

Is there any possibility that the practice of simply ignoring every application that does not fit the bill could at least be acknowledged and replied to by an employer? Apparently there is potential for a new human resource software package that may well be able to do just that in the future. It would be highly desirable to look into the possibility of a system that can track all job applications and will then search through them for appropriate keywords that will have been used in the initial Job Adverts and this may then be able to help employers to speed up the process of wading through CV’s. It could also be possible to automate email replies to all those applicants who are not going to progress beyond the application stage.

However these changes need to be implemented by every employer to make the job recruitment process more effective and the reality is that not every company has the resources to do that. This makes it even more important to follow up your every application.