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Inspector API 510/570/580

Salary: Competitive
Location: United Arab Emirates
Type: Contract
Advertiser: TUV Rheinland
Posted: 30 January 2012
Reference No.: GJM-35211


Phase 2: Document review and equipment shut-down inspection

Review and approve the inspection safety procedures to be performed during Shut-Down (S/D) and normal operation for all safety related equipment and safety functions, including Piping, Stationary Equipment, Rotary Machines, Instruments and Power Supply according to API 510/570/581: 

-Plant's information & inspection standards/Inspection history 
-Plant's historical operation & maintenance data 
-Outputs from findings & recommendations 
-Integrity Management Improvement report (including PHA review) 
-Review the typical damage mechanism and corrosion study 

Phase 3: Inspection & verification (from July 1 to 30, 2012) 

Inspection Guidance & Assessment 
-Guide local (NDT) inspectors to carry out field inspection per the approved inspection standards (local inspectors to be appointed by the Plant separately but agreed by TUV Rheinland). 
-Review and assess the inspection processes to be undertaken by local (NDT) inspectors, including changes as deemed necessary. 
-Certification for plants fitness-for-service 
-Verify and validate the processes and outcomes per inspection standards. 
- Issue certificate (i.e. IV&V statement) for the plants fitness-for-service, in terms of safety. 
-Re-V&V for those plants have yet fully comply with the inspection standards and issue certificate with conditions, which the potential risk is low and acceptable and can be rectified & mitigated in future scheduled shut-down.


-API 510 
-API 570 
-API 580 

At least 5 years experience in an Oil and Gas Industry and the like.


Any Engineering Course

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