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Jobs in Jeddah

Whether you are already based in Saudi Arabia or planning to relocate to Jeddah this city has a lot to offer. Check latest jobs in Jeddah online. Top companies recruiting best talent now. Here you can find vacancies in the Oil and Gas, Banking and Financial Services, IT and Telecoms sectors.

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Jobs in Jeddah Saudi Arabia - Market Overview

The diplomatic or administrative capital of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is a modern city of over 2 million residents. There is a decent mixture of nationals and expats and many opportunities for professionals and blue collar workers alike.

The oil industry is the anchor of the Saudi Arabian economy and the port city of Jeddah is no exception. There are a variety of different jobs in Jeddah Saudi Arabia that are involved in the oil and gas sector, including engineering, IT, management and administration.

The public sector in Jeddah is dominated by nationals, although with the massive amount of tourists and pilgrims that make their way through Jeddah, the tourism and travel industry, as well as the hospitality and communications sectors are an excellent source of Jeddah jobs.

Several major global corporations are headquartered in Jeddah, especially on the famed King Abdullah Street. These companies provide a variety of career opportunities including those in the IT, business management and financial sectors.

The transportation industry is another source of employment opportunities from highly skilled aviation and engineering professionals to tradesmen, customer service and maintenance staff. Developments within the transport hubs create ongoing work and the space for even more tourists. With the size and scope of the international airport in Jeddah and the flow of traffic throughout the area, this industry is showing no signs of slowing down.