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Jobs in Muscat

Whether you are already based in Oman or planning to relocate to Muscat this city has a lot to offer. Check latest jobs in Muscat online.

Top companies recruiting best talent now. Here you can find vacancies in the Oil and Gas, Banking and Financial Services, IT and Telecoms sectors. Make your job hunting successful - Find a new job in Muscat today.

Jobs in Oman Muscat - Market Overview

The city of Muscat is the seat of government for the nation of Oman. A thriving hub filled with opportunity for those qualified in a variety of fields, working in Muscat can be highly rewarding financially, socially and professionally.

Oil is the economic mainstay of Oman, as it is in most of the Gulf states. But diversification is heavily supported by both the government and industry and the market for jobs in Oman Muscat is literally teeming with positions in a wide variety of fields.

Banking and finance offer well established jobs in Muscat. Post-recession movement has been positive in this sector thanks to the amount of infrastructure and development projects underway in the GCC region.

Healthcare is another field that is recruiting qualified professionals for vacancies in Muscat. As the population (1,090,797 as of 2008) grows, the need for high quality healthcare grows.

Muscat has been an important port city for centuries and the trade and porting industries are still very much alive. The travel and tourism industry as well as hotel and hospitality are both experiencing positive growth.

New and established hotels are bustling with visitors, traveling for business and personal reasons. Customer service, administration and trades are all required within this healthy industry.